Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What a Year!

Two quilts accepted to World of Beauty, a new hip, Katie Pasquini-Masopust's Juror's Award for "Escape II", Pokey Bolton buying it, Vicki Anderson buying the canvas version of it as it opened in Chandler at Art Quilts XVII, a new knee, a blue ribbon in the state quilt show in Art Abstract, a commissioned painting completed that was 4' x 5' and 5 quilts ready for entering in the Houston specialty shows! Escape II and Words can be seen in my last post.

And I just finished and mailed my auction piece for the SAQA auction, which is where I left you last year. The title is "The Secret". It is painted on canvas and quilted. It's 12" x 12" and will be auctioned in the annual SAQA auction this fall.

"Ancient Fisherman" won me a blue ribbon in the Arizona State Guild annual show in the art abstract category. It was a canvas that I had painted years ago. I had Studio West  print it on cotton sateen. I then over painted the whole piece to make it different colors. I used acrylic paint and fabric medium. It was then quilted on my Bernina 820. It's 30" H x 74" W.

I made two new pieces for a SAQA show in New Mexico: "All Bluster I and II". They were inspired by seeing a weather alert. One of them is painted on canvas with organza appliques and the other is fabric with organza and scrim appliques. Both are painted with acrylic paint and fabric medium.

They were joined in New Mexico by my painted diptych, "Pair o'  Pair o' Docks":


These are painted canvases (3 coats with no ruler) that were quilted. They are a visual paradox (pair o' docks). They are painted with only 3 colors, orange, pink and ONE green!     

I painted a huge still life for a client of my designer friend. She wanted a large painting for a very large space and a tall wall. Here is "Artichoke and Friends": The painting is 48" x 60". I had never done anything like this before, but really enjoyed it. The third picture is a detail. There were at least a jillion grapes, 6 layers each! It will become a digital quilt sometime this year!

I can't show you all of the five pieces I made for Houston, but here is the one I entered in "In Bloom", with a detail. I had painted this painting years ago  and thought it would be fun for a quilt so had Studio West print it on silk. I then over-painted the whole piece. The original was very pastel (client's wish). I don't do pastel for me! After I painted it, I quilted it with my "Bernard". It was rejected....sigh. But I've already entered it in another show. Maybe....

I can show you my other pieces in a couple of weeks if I get more rejections....If I get accepted into Festival Gallery "Home", "Ruby Jubilee", "Raining Cats and Dogs", "life begins at 40", I'll show you little bitty snippets.

I did one other quilt, for Tactile Architecture, but didn't get it finished so it will go somewhere else and don't want to show it yet. I haven't decided where to send it, and some shows have restrictions.

I plan to enter Art Quilts XVIII, Quilts=Art=Quilts and Road so I have lots of fun ahead of me. There are 3 pieces ready to quilt! And of course they will get some paint and maybe some appliques. I'll post again....maybe before another year has gone by ....

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