Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SAQA Auction Quilt for 2013 Auction

I forgot to talk about the SAQA auction. Studio Art Quilt Associates has about 3000 members and supports art quilting and the education of the public about art quilting. About 400 of us each created a 12" square quilt to be auctioned in September/Oct/Nov.

Here is my contribution: It is called Yummy Leftovers. I used scraps of Dupioni silk and threads to make my small quilt.
If you go to and select the auction on the left side bar, you can scroll through the 400 plus quilts and look at websites or blogs of the artists and see info about each of the small quilts. Be prepared to spend some time looking. What eye candy! Beautiful Art!

Oops it's summer already!

I'm just not good at writing on my blog...

I've discovered this week tho that people have looked at it, and in fact someone has stolen an image, cropped it and used it in corporate art. Using an image from the internet that is not yours is copyright infringement and is serious. All artist's images are copyrighted automatically and can not be used without permission from the artist. I will be pursuing this with a lawyer. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I received acceptance notices from Houston this week for two of my quilts:

Escape II

Words in the Forest
They are both painted quilts with appliques. Escape II is silk and Words is painted canvas with quilted "words"
in the background between the "trees". Lace, cord, bold, red and white, hand-dyed, hand-painted, words, texture, mulberry paper etc. are quilted into the background.

I will be going to Houston and look forward to seeing many art quilting friends there.

I have a quilt hanging in a show called "Four Corners Quilt Show" in Flagstaff Az until the end of this week. It is called " The Old Oak Tree" and is a painted canvas heavily appliqued with lots of "stuff"..... painted fusible batting, mulberry and other papers, silk ribbons, organza and other fabrics and fibers:

The strips across the middle are painted fusible batting , too heavy to quilt through easily, but what's more fun than a challenge?

And my Lizards are going to the Pacific West Quilt Show for the August show:

There are three dimensional lizards playing among the three dimensional organza leaves.
It's made out of 9 identical blocks that were fused not pieced. The ninth one was used to make the lizards which sit above the exact fabrics underneath.

Comment if you wish but please don't copy and use my images...