Saturday, December 3, 2011

Art Quilts XVI

Friday, Betty Busby and her friend Holly Altman came to the studio to play and teach our art quilt group a new method of painting on silk. What fun we had! We spread out all over my great room which doubles as studio when there are more than 6 of us. From the left: Diane, Margaret, Sandy, Elizabeth, Holly, Betty Busby and Francie. Not pictured is my Mom who left before I took pictures!  You'll see her when I get pictures from Holly. She was official photographer.

After playing with silk paint and eating a gourmet lunch, we changed into our "artist" clothes and went to Chandler for dinner and the artists' reception of Art Quilts XVI. Betty's piece was the one honored to be on the invitation so we were proud to be attending with her...Here she is with her piece "Mourning Doves" a piece inspired by a foreign exchange student.

And Sandy in front of her piece, " Left Behind"

And of course "moi" in front of "Memory, Threads and Bursts":

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Francie and her piece, but I think Holly did, so I'll share it when I get her photos.

Today we got busy at 9:00 again playing and chatting with Betty and Holly. We added pearlescent ink to our silk paint and ate another gourmet meal. The highlight was sitting going through Betty's book of quilts and having her tell us about her different series and all the experimenting she does on the way to a successful quilt. What an exciting two days we had!  New friends, new techniques and new enthusiasm for finding fun ways to spend our time!  We look forward to playing again with our New Mexico "compadres".

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