Friday, July 25, 2014

NGG pieces in New Gallery "Arts HQ" in Surprise, Az

Four of us in NGG, our studio art quilt group got pieces into the new Surprise, Az gallery show, "Blank Canvas". Frances Murphy, Sandy Branjord, Anna Marie Peterson (Mom) and I were all juried into their first art show. There was only one other fiber piece in the show. 300 people joined us in celebrating their opening, which included all media from sculpture to our fiber! Anna Marie's piece, "Old Moster Church":

Here is Sandy's "Reality is just a Rorschach ink blot":

 And here she is standing with her altered book, "Breathless":

And here are Francie's pieces," Welcome to Twilight Trails" and "Moonsong" are pictured here. Too many people to get good pics. You can see them on her FB timeline.( Wish I could figure out how to link)

My piece," Phloral Phantasm":

And "Sun And Shadow":
I had never felt happy with this piece so played with it and added more movement by adding pale yellow leaves moving from bottom to top. Now the composition is better. People were fascinated with it last night. It has two 3D lizards playing on the surface among the 3D leaves. Here is a close up of Shadow, the chameleon:

And a view with its closest friends: It really played well with its neighbors!

 And here it is from across the room to give you an idea of the size of the gallery: 

And my other one across the gallery from it: This is after the huge crowd cleared out a bit.

My beautiful "peeps"!

And a picture of my teaching studio ready for tomorrow's free motion class!

I have room for 8 students. It's a very happy place!

That's all for now. More later. I have pictures of the facing I applied to Phloral Phantasm.
Happily quilting and teaching...

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  1. Congrats to all of you for getting juried into the art gallery. The pieces you're showing are gorgeous! Would be better to see them in person, but too sick to leave house right now! How long is the show? Is your Mom's piece felted? Hard to tell in photo. Again, congrats!!